Welcome to Systema Oklahoma!

We are dedicated to learning and growing in the Russian Martial Art of Systema as taught by Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko. Systema Oklahoma is an affiliate school under Systema HQ. Whether you've practiced Systema for years, have a different martial arts background, or absolutely no self-defense experience at all, we'd love to welcome you into the training. If you have any questions or want to get in touch, shoot me an email at training@systemaoklahoma.com or use the Contact link on the left-hand side of the page.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you soon in class!

-Blake LeBlanc

CLASS NOTICE: We will have class on Memorial Day weekend, 5/23. See you there!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the workshop with Pete Rogers! It was nice meeting and training with everyone, I hope you had a good time and took away a lot of insight from the work!

As found in the December 17th issue of the Oklahoma Gazette! Click below for a link to the article:

Merry Christmas, thank you for being a part of Systema Oklahoma!


Quick update to share some pics from the UCO Passport to Russia Program. A big thank you to James Daro for having us share, we were honored to be a part of the school's program! He said it was one of the best events they had. Thank you Chad for taking time out of your busy schedule!

UCO Passport to Russia Album

And here's some recent video footage from class, enjoy!


Less than a week away! Systema Oklahoma will be giving a one hour demonstration in the library at the University of Central Oklahoma at noon on Wednesday, November 5th as part of the school's Passport to Russia program. It gives students and the public a chance to experience a wide variety of Russian culture through regular events planned from August 25th - December 5th.

More info at the great schedule that Professor Daro has pulled together is available here: http://www.uco.edu/central/passport/schedule.asp


Thank you to Nick Lowry for three great years at Windsong Dojo! We've had a wonderful time and are so grateful to him for making his facility available to us. It's something we will always remember at Systema Oklahoma and we definitely count you and those in your circle as our friends, brothers, and sisters. God bless!

Moving forward, Sunday classes will now be held at Western Avenue Boxing Gym, as noted on the Class Schedule page. I've gotten to know its owner, Travis, over the past few months. He's a fellow instructor-in-training and really values what Systema has to offer. I look forward to building on our relationship with him and others at his gym as we set a solid foundation for Russian Martial Art in Oklahoma.

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